Your Eye Exam

Eye exams are crucial tools that allow us to detect changes in your vision and protect your sight. At Oklahoma Eye Surgeons, we provide everything from regular eye exams to check and determine your prescription for glasses and contacts to comprehensive eye exams used to detect possible eye diseases and conditions that may be threatening your vision.

How long will my eye exam last?

The reason for your visit will affect how long it takes to complete your eye exam. Regular eye exams generally take 20 to 30 minutes. A comprehensive eye exam can take an hour or more, depending on your doctor and which tests are required to fully evaluate your eyes.

What should I do if my eyes are dilated?

Dilation allows your doctor to view the inside back of your eye, including the retina, optic nerve, blood vessels, and other parts of your eye that cannot otherwise be seen.


If your eyes will be dilated during your exam, it is best to bring someone to drive you home as your eyes will be sensitive to light and your vision may be blurry. If you are unsure whether your eyes will be dilated, we welcome you to call us to confirm.

What should I do after my eye exam?

Don't miss a visit to our Optical after your exam for the latest styles in all price ranges.